freshly squeezed feminist perspective

Welcome to feminist juice!

Finally, Nicole and I have launched the blog.  This is my first time ever writing a blog – so once this post is done, I will feel that split second of relief and satisfaction, quickly followed by a wave of anxiety and thoughts like “I should never have done this” and “what the f*** was I thinking?”.  Ah, the feelings of loosing one’s virginity to any new experience is always somewhat liberating and daunting all at once.

The idea of a student orientated, feminist blog has been bouncing around in my head for a while now.  Being a fourth year Women’s Studies major, I have had my fair share of opportunities to collaborate with feminists from a multitude of backgrounds, experiences and standpoints.  I admit, most of these occasions were academically inclined, so the idea of a student blog that was casual and inviting seemed like a perfect chance to interact with feminist students from my living room or whichever coffee bar I happened to find myself at.

With the help of professionals (i.e. Nicole Beuglet), a blog that relies solely on student voices has been created.  I want this blog to be a place where any student, from any department or field of study, can share their insights and experiences with the big world of feminist thought.  Our ‘About’ page outlines more of our mission statement, but overall, I hope this blog can be an outlet where students can develop their feminist thinking.