a thousand thanks

hello feministjuice readers and supporters,

i would like to extend a sincere thank you to those who helped make our annual bake sale and lemonade stand a smashing success last Thursday. whether you (wo)manned our busy table in the CAW, donated baked goods or gave some extra change, we appreciate your support.

most members of the wssa

most members of the wssa

at the end of the day, our lemonade stand and bake sale brought in a whopping $335.14.

with these funds, the wssa is able to sponsor another subscription to feministjuice. moreover, we have been able to donate $200 in the form of grocery store gift cards to the CanAm Indian Friendship Centre of Windsor. these gift cards will be able to provide relief to First Nations families in Windsor and help them celebrate the winter season.

to me, feministjuice and the wssa is an example of feminist grassroots communities who are able to band together in the name of feminist activism and support networking. while feminist juice may be a small blog and the wssa a small action group, both provide

our beautiful sign!

our beautiful sign!

followers and members with an outlet and a sisterhood that they may not have in their everyday lives. thank you for supporting the blog and the wssa. without your help, we would not be able to pursue feminist activism, whether it be through writing and social media or connecting to other like-minded grassroots organizations like CanAM.

thank you thank you thank you
peace, love and sisterhood

karly, blog editor and co-president of wssa
the wssa (women’ studies student association)



1 thought on “a thousand thanks

  1. Hey Karly

    Only the WSSA could get me to bake my Canada Carrot Cakes, but my unposted photo was taken during the bake sale, and I am wondering if another member has it. As well my name is absent as well 😦 Good Luck on Exams ❤ RC DADA~

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