feminist juice was designed out of a desire for a student space that served as an outlet to discuss and explore issues in the feminist arena.  it is here that student’s can write about issues that move them, anger them or incite their enthusiasm in feminist thought. students here are encouraged to write about their experiences with feminism: what interests them in the school of thought, issues they are passionate or involved in or activism they have done in the realm of women’s issues.  but, these are only a few themes or threads of thinking you can write about.  what feminism is truly about in 2012 is finding your own way to resist the oppressive forces in our society that limit women’s individual and collective freedoms.

seen a movie that screams misogyny?  tell us about it.  tired of hearing the same derogatory comments from someone in class?  send us a rant.  unsure of whether you are a feminist or not?  explore why.  afraid of being a feminist? write about it.  blog entries can be anything.  they just have to have a voice behind it.

be creative and have fun.  the blog is designed to host a multitude of voices.  we are not looking for pieces of academic writing: we are hoping our volunteer writers use this blog as an outlet to develop their personal feminist standpoint.  and if you don’t know what your feminist standpoint is, that’s even better.  explore it by writing.

we welcome all submissions via email (see information on contact page).  happy trails.


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